Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Unfood in My Food

I feel ill. Bloated. Loagy. Lethargic.

My spleen is made of gummy bears.
Am I sick? No. Just a little dumb. I was out this weekend with some friends, picking up ingredients for our group sushi night. We get together in a large group and roll sushi together — collaborative cooking is an excellent social experience that I recommend everyone try. The 'Sushi Night' is a bit of a tradition in my peer group, and we were out buying the rice, seaweed, fish, and other miscellanea from which our sushi would be crafted.

After hitting the fish market we decided to grab something to eat, and hit a local burger joint. It wasn't the one represented in the picture — I'm not THAT dumb — but it was still over-processed grease-infused preservative-laden food that I didn't make myself.


While no doubt tasty — hey, grease, cheese, and meat are GOOD, shut up — my body let me know its displeasure shortly afterwards. If you've been following this blog you know that I tend to eat well — healthy and hearty — so the toxic shock to my system was intense.


Note to self. Make sure there is nothing but food in my food.